Frequently Asked Questions

What is UTEK?

UTEK is UofT Engineering’s flagship competition! It is a weekend long event where students choose to compete in 1 of 8 categories and the winners go on to represent the university at the provincial and potentially national level.

Who can participate?

Any undergraduate student at UofT! Other faculties are welcome to compete as well!

How much does it cost to attend UTEK?

Tickets are $10 per online participant and $20 for in-person participant. This includes lunch on Saturday, breakfast on Sunday, all materials for the competition and a swag bag!

How many people can be on my team?

Innovative Design: Up to 6 People per team
Junior Design, Senior Design, Programming, Consulting: Up to 4 people per team
Reengineering, Debate, Communications: Up to 2 people per team

Do I need a full team to sign up?

No! You can register on your own or with your partial and we’ll help you complete your team based on the competition you sign up for!

When can I register?

Registration will open during the fall semester! Sign up for our mailing list here to stay up to date on workshops, info events, and other important information!

What kind of workshops, talks, and activities will there be?

Each competition will provide a workshop to help you prepare for your competition! Sign up for our mailing list here, and follow our social media to stay informed on the upcoming events. During the competition weekend, there will be opportunities to interact directly with companies and professionals related to your competition category!

Do I need to know how to code to participate?

NO! At UTEK there is an engineering competition for everyone! As long as you enjoy problem solving, there is a category for you to participate in! Check out the home page to see more information on competitions or reach out to competitions directors specifically using the contact info on the about page!