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Keynote Speaker

Andrew leads the Product Strategy, Product Management, and Engineering teams across BlueCat’s product portfolio. He is also responsible for BlueCat’s research lab focused on innovation, technology road map and vision. Prior to joining BlueCat, Andrew was Chief Technology Officer for PTC following its acquisition of MKS where he also served as CTO. Prior to that, Andrew was CTO and Co-founder of Synapsis Technology. Andrew holds a BA from University of Pennsylvania and attended the University of Pennsylvania’s Neuroscience Graduate program.

Senior Design

Participants work in teams to address technological engineering problems using Arduino Robotic kits. Teams are evaluated on features such as novelty, practicality, & usability.
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Junior Design

Participants work in teams to develop a solution to a creative design problem using affordable, everyday materials. Teams are evaluated on criteria such as effectiveness, originality, and scalability.
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Participants work in teams to develop a solution to a real life engineering problem that requires consideration of the environmental, economical, and technical costs of their design.
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Participants work in teams to solve a problem that can be addressed through a software solution. Teams are evaluated based on criteria such as practicality, ease-of-use, and capability.
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Innovative Design

Participants work to create an innovative product, process, or service to address a market need. Judges evaluate based on novelty and economic feasibility of the solution.
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Parliamentary Debate

Participants debate an engineering related resolution in parliamentary debate structure. Judges evaluate participants on their ability to defend their stance through logic and reasoning.


Participants are asked to explain an engineering or scientific concept in simplified terms. Judges evaluate the participant’s ability to coherently and concisely communicate their point.
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